Hello there! 👋

I'm Vishnu. I help startups solve their digital challenges through strategic solutions and impactful design. I have worked for more than 5 years in different startup environments where I've developed an array of creative skills from interaction to illustration, with key interests in product design and growth.

I started my full time career when I was 18. I still make mistakes, fail, and sometimes say “I don’t know.” However, it never ends there. I believe in continuous improvement and practice.

I prefer casual dress code, dog-friendly offices, and a first-name basis. I'd love to sit and have a chat with you, discuss a project or just make conversation. I'll probably talk about some funny stories — like that time when I learned animation overnight for Twitter’s blog or about how I tried to live in a forest for two months.

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I also make art like these at times👇

"V is the dash dash and dash. Again, dash - and dash and a dash more."
Deepak Ravindran | CEO & Founder, Pirate Fund